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Get to know Grapefriend (aka Alyssa Vitrano), wine expert and blogger known for her refreshingly un-snobby advice and hilarious commentary on all things pop culture. If you’re looking for the best wine to drink while watching Scandal, for instance, she’s your gal. We enlisted Grapefriend to help us answer a most pressing question: What should we be drinking this summer?

Oh, how we love summer—and checking out of work early on Friday to head anywhere without a desk. With all those outdoor happy hours, we’ve got a wine pairing for all your summer travel spots. And since you’re putting so much wine to your lips, you’ll of course need a lipstick that’ll last more than one glass.

East Coat Seaside
Go: Bar Harbor, ME; Nantucket, MA; Greenport, NY
Drink: Grab your seaside oysters and pop open some Muscadet – the crisp and briny minerality is the perfect pairing for shellfish.
Try: Zippy and delicious Michel Brégeon Muscadet-Sèvre-et-Maine ($17)
Wear: Channel the beautiful underwater plant life with Long Last Lipstick in Runway Coral. It’ll keep the beach vibes alive even when you’re offshore.

SoCal Beach
Go: Venice Beach, Santa Barbara, La Jolla
Drink: Rosé couldn’t be having more of a moment. And even though it’s basically warm enough in SoCal to drink it all year round, it’s hitting its seasonal peak right now. In the cooler days of summer you’ll want to tend towards fruitier and fuller bodied ones made form Grenache. As the days get hotter, you’ll want the super light ones made from Pinot Noir.
Try: The Grenache-based raspberry J Lohr Gesture ($18) or the lighter strawberry Pinot Noir-based Balletto ($18)
Wear: Chubby Stick Baby Tint Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm in Coming Up Rosy not only matches the pink hue of rosé, it fits the light body of it as well.

Country Mountains
Go: Phoenicia, NY (Catskills); Townsend, TN (Smoky Mountains); Colorado Springs, CO (Rocky Mountains)
Drink: You might be sweating during your day hike, but it gets cold at night up in the mountains: perfect conditions for a bonfire and a glass of red! An earthy, well-aged Pinot Noir will keep you warm and cozy.
Try: The refined elegant black cherry cranberry undertones of Archery Summit Pinot Noir ($48)
Wear: Long Last Lipstick in Vintage Wine is clearly the perfect match, and there’s something subversive about a dark lip during the height of summer.

Go: Ithaca, NY (Finger Lakes); Indian Point, MO (Table Rock Lake); Mackinac Island, MI (Lake Huron)
Drink: The lake house – a classic summer getaway. Make sure you stock it with some Finger Lakes dry Riesling, which is a lemony and refreshing accompaniment to lazily rowing on the water.
Try: Crisp and dry Dr. Konstantin Frank ($15)
Wear: Even better than all the swimming and boating during the day, you get to enjoy the gorgeous reflection of the moon at night as you look out on the lake - or on your lips with Long Last Lipstick in Silvery Moon.

Laid Back City
Go: Nashville, TN; Portland, OR; Austin, TX
Drink: If your vacation involves long, leisurely days and maybe even a drawl or two (hey, Nashville), you want something unfussy and easy to match the chill vibe. Pinot Blanc is a fantastic light and easy summer sipper.
Try: The amazingly refreshing and light yellow apple of Josmeyer Pinot Blanc ($17)
Wear: Channel the fringe on your clutch or even some new suede boots you might pick up with Long Last Soft Matte Lipstick in Matte Suede.

Glam City
Go: New York City; Miami, FL
Drink: After absorbing all that culture at museums and shopping at tons of cool boutiques, you’ll want to continue your streak of being ahead of the curve as you do your sidewalk sipping. All the cool kids are drinking Trousseau, an earthy, light red from the Jura region in France that’s drunk with a little chill on it. Totally cool, and totally delicious.
Try: Gahier Trousseau, which has lots of wild strawberry mixed with savory black tea ($33)
Wear: Cities are made for bold moves, and Long Last Lipstick in Will You? teases them out both by its enigmatic orangey pink color and its dare-you title.

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Illustrations: Anthony Zinonos

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